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A question every presenter should ask

Recently, my good friend Tim Connelly and I were discussing our continuing experiences with horrible presentations.  After some friendly banter, Tim and I realized that we would like to have every presenter ask him- or herself a simple question before the presentation:

“Do I want to sit through this presentation?”

I cannot believe that most presenters routinely ask themselves this question.  If they did, then I believe the state of general presentation quality would be vastly different…

Delivering a good, let alone an excellent, presentation is VERY difficult.  This fact does not mean, however, that we should shy away from trying to give the best presentation possible every time we present.  If you do not like your slides or do not find them useful, then it is very likely that no one else will as well.  Even if you do like your slides you should still ask yourself – “do I find this presentation useful?”  You should ask yourself the same question after you give the presentation.  Time is one of our most precious commodities, therefore we need to respect the time that the audience is giving us and make sure we give them something useful in exchange.