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Green laser pointer

I gave a presentation at SIIM2010 last week and although the overall AV support was excellent, the laser pointer was horrible.  It was red and weak.  I should not complain, however, since I did

not bring my own laser pointer.  Red is a suboptimal color for pointing out something on a projected image.  Why?  Look at the sensitivity of the human eye to red.

Our eyes are not very sensitive to red but red laser pointers were the first mass produced laser pointer due to technical constraints.  Now, however, laser pointers are available in other colors and at a reasonable price.  Specifically, green laser pointers are available.  In the visible light spectrum, the human eye is most sensitive to green, thus a green laser pointer appears much brighter than a red laser pointer at the same power output.  Furthermore, green laser pointers are no longer prohibitively expensive.    Thus, if you plan to purchase a laser pointer, then consider a green laser pointer.