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Twitter: More than just status updates

A new year.  December flew by with interviews and holidays.  My blog was neglected but life was not.

People still ask me, “what is the point of twitter?” and over the past few months I, too, have been wondering what the value of twitter is in my life?  It is a great way to quickly share information and it has allowed me to connect with people, but how will twitter evolve as the dust settles on the social-media hype of the past few years?

New England has just been hit by a blizzard and as expected airline flights are delayed and/or canceled.  The automated message heard when calling Delta states (paraphrased), “…delays….we are trying…wait for an operator, go the website, or connect with us on twitter at @DeltaAssist.”  Twitter…interesting.  The phones and website were slammed and thus slow, thus I thought I would reach out to @DeltaAssist and ask for help.  In short, I was impressed.  @DeltaAssist quickly responded and booked me on a new Delta flight.  Overall, the interaction took less than 20 minutes.

Kudos to Delta for using twitter in an effective way.  As a Delta passenger, my problem was resolved and I was very pleased with the service I received.  Hopefully, we will see more examples of this type of twitter use.